Mortgage Bonds in Thailand

If you are an expatriate and you wished to purchase a house in Thailand but you need a financing plan to back you up? Well, there are a number of financial institutions that can help you achieve your goals. But […]

Solicitors in Phuket

Buying property or any real estate in a foreign country comes with risk. What you need to find is a law firm or solicitor in Phuket or Thailand with an excellent reputation in the expatriate community of Thailand. With offices […]

Property Taxes in Thailand

If you are buying property then always speak to a lawyer or solicitor first in Phuket for legal advice before you sign any document. Property fees when you buy property depends on the value of the property but buyer and […]

Building Permits in Phuket

If you are planning on building a house in Thailand or an apartment block or for that matter making changes to your house then you require a building permit before you can make the changes you want. The first stop […]