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We are a Thailand law firm providing a wide range of services such as Corporate (Company Registration, BOI Thailand, Treaty of Amity and FBL), Property Conveyancing (Title Search, Due Diligence, Contract Review and Transfer of Property), Family Law (Marriage, Prenuptial Agreement, Divorce, Child Custody and Adoption), Immigration services for Thailand and foreign countries, Legal Services such as Thai will and notary services, and Criminal and Civil Litigation or Arbitration in Thailand.

Our Practices

Every task we undertake is aimed towards this achievement. We provide our clients with effective and prompt responses to their primary legal concerns and create a well-rounded team of English-speaking Thailand lawyers to work with.
Real Estate

The property market in Thailand is not regulated very well

Business organizations in Thailand are classified into companies and partnerships.
The labor sector is a dynamic segment in the Thai economic structure.
Legal Services
Legal Services is often times associated with controversies requiring court action.

Our Blog

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