Mortgage Bonds in Thailand

If you are an expatriate and you wished to purchase a house in Thailand but you need a financing plan to back you up? Well, there are a number of financial institutions that can help you achieve your goals. But […]

Solicitors in Phuket

Buying property or any real estate in a foreign country comes with risk. What you need to find is a law firm or solicitor in Phuket or Thailand with an excellent reputation in the expatriate community of Thailand. With offices […]

Property Taxes in Thailand

If you are buying property then always speak to a lawyer or solicitor first in Phuket for legal advice before you sign any document. Property fees when you buy property depends on the value of the property but buyer and […]

Owning Land in Thailand

This question has been asked many times before and there appears to be an issue with its understanding. Most foreigners place the land in the name of their wife and try to take a usufruct over the property however that […]

Leasing Land in Thailand

Property developments in Phuket and property developments in Pattaya have always been restricted by land ownership in Thailand. Many have gone with lease agreements however the lease agreements in Thailand for land is very short – 30 years.

Building Permits in Phuket

If you are planning on building a house in Thailand or an apartment block or for that matter making changes to your house then you require a building permit before you can make the changes you want. The first stop […]